Making of „LEBEN“

Anyone who has ever asked themselves what a video shoot at AMS looks like has finally received an answer. 

On December 23, 2020, AMS shared the first part of the making-of video of „LEBEN“ on their Facebook page. 
Here is the video with the request: PLEASE DO NOT IMITATE! 😉 

With an extra helping of fun, pain and nonsense, we can finally say goodbye to 2020. 
AMS really do EVERYTHING when shooting and don’t even shy away from using teasers, dizzy boxing and pepper spray. It’s probably more fun to watch than to join in, at least the video made me laugh a lot. (SORRY OBSI) 
OBSI says in the video that he will never have pepper spray injected into his eyes for a video again. 

Dom replies that if someone calls him a coward, he might have it done again. 
But honestly, someone who hangs on the back of a moving car is just not a coward. 
I am very curious about the video of „Goldene Kobras“ which will be released on January 14th, 2020, whether this „Leben“ can still top it? 

I really hope that one or the other live concert can take place. Not only the band but also we urgently need concerts again. With a lot of hope and good jukeboxes at home, I’m looking forward to the first AFTER CORONA PERFORMANCE. How do you pass the waiting time?  

Cheers, yours Andrea 

4 Gedanken zu “Making of „LEBEN“

  1. I pass the time with memories on better times. And I have bought concert tickets for this summer- and I firmy believe in going to this concert. Sometimes I enjoy the silent time- because I have less stress then before Corona, i know it sounds crazy.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Very cool blog, I like the design! I didn’t know the band „Alles mit Stil“ yet. In my leisure time, I also really enjoy going to concerts. In the meantime, I enjoy watching videos, like your „making-of videos“ ;-). Hopefully concerts will be possible again soon.

    Gefällt mir

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