Goldene Kobras

The time of waiting is over. "GoldenE Kobras" is finally online.
Source: Alles mit Stil – „Goldene Kobras“ (official video) – YouTube

„Goldene Kobras“ is a hard reckoning in today’s music business, where a lot of money is always at stake. The request is clear:

Away with the run-of-the-mill bullshit, away with records that are unrelated to what was created. Back to honest, authentic music. This is not a request to stop the development, but a wake-up call that the original motives for making music did not come from piles of dollars.

At a time when we always have to be something and prove how great we are, this song goes very well.

Therefore: For louder music and against Instagram.
Thank you for these honest words and for this honest song. And now volume up!!!!!

Cheers, Andrea

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