From 2006 till today

The name “Alles mit Stil” has existed since 2006 and was the name of the first rap group by Markus Oberbichler and Alexander Walder. A mixtape and two albums were released under this name by 2011. In 2011 it was a little quieter around this group and it was not until 2013 that music was … From 2006 till today weiterlesen

Making of „LEBEN“

Anyone who has ever asked themselves what a video shoot at AMS looks like has finally received an answer.  On December 23, 2020, AMS shared the first part of the making-of video of „LEBEN“ on their Facebook page. Here is the video with the request: PLEASE DO NOT IMITATE! 😉  With an extra helping of fun, pain and nonsense, we can finally say goodbye to 2020. AMS really do EVERYTHING when shooting and don’t even shy away from using teasers, dizzy boxing and pepper spray. It’s probably more fun to watch than to join in, at least the video made me laugh … Making of „LEBEN“ weiterlesen


Hello you out there!  Just thinking about how I can get through the time until the lockdown ends. I miss my time being with people and laughing a little and dancing. I’m just sitting here with my Airpods in and listening to „Freier Fall“. Full volume!  By the way: „Freier Fall“ is my two daughters favourite song. The three of us recently had Covid-19 and it was a really exhausting and boring time for us. In this time I telephoned with the bandleader OBSI and told him that we are ill. He knows that my girls are fans of him, so he sent them the following video:   You can´t imagine my daughters eyes when they saw that video!!!  How do you come through the third and I hope last lockdown?  I`m looking forward to your advices. Cheers, Andrea 

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